ZT Desktop Graphics Card Upgrade $200 Budget help

Hello All,

I have a ZT systems affinity:
AMD Phenom II x4 945 Processor 3.00GHz
64 Bit

Presently, I have no separate graphics card. What I have works well for me most of the time, I don't play online games, but I do occasionally use Second Life. In Second Life, my current computer works far worse than my old (2003) HP which did have a separate graphics card. I'm looking to spend up to a couple of hundred bucks to upgrade my system. The graphics card offerings out there are mind-blowing for someone who never looked into one before. I'm looking for suggestions. Since I have no video card now, and I was happy with the performance of the video card on my now 10 year old computer, I don't think I need anything too cutting edge - just better and stable.

Also, I see that RAM is fairly cheap nowadays. My system can hold up to 32 GB of RAM and I've got 8. Should I buy more?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Not knowing for sure which power supply you have, I would suggest this card:
    Or any of the other HD 7750s. They are about the most powerful card you can get that doesn't require aux power from the PSU.

    Btw, is this your PC:
  2. Thank you clutchc, I appreciate it. I'll go with that. Yes, that is a version of my computer. Everything the same (including the wimpy power supply) except my model is minus the BluRay. I got it at Costco.
  3. Yes, the HD 7750 is an amazing little card for the tiny amount of power it consumes (55W at max power). Your PSU should be fine with it. And more gfx capability that that game will need. But if you ever get the urge to play modern first person shooters, you'll be OK at 1920x1080 even. I put that card in a budget build I did recently. Quiet fan, great graphics. Be sure to install the gfx driver that come with it, or go to the website for the latest version of the driver:

    Unless you have some usage for the PC that requires more than 8GB of memory, it would really be a waste of money to add more. Do you do video editing? Photoshop? CGI? most folks won't even use 8GB.
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