Which CPU is better for Live Streaming with multiple platforms

I am trying to stream Live PS4/Xbox One/PC gameplay all simultaneously online but I have no clue how much CPU power I need for that amount of multi-tasking. At the moment I've been looking at the i7 4770k but I'm not sure if I need more or less power. Also after I decide on the CPU I'm not sure which motherboard to get or which type of RAM. My budget is around 1200. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks!

I will be using one On board capture card and two stand alone capture cards

On board - http://www.avermedia-usa.com/avertv/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?Id=513
Stand Alone - http://www.elgato.com/gaming/game-capture-hd
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  1. The i7 4770k will probably have more processing power than you would really need, but it would be a good choice just if you might need that extra amount later on.
    With ram, they honestly are all exactly the same apart from different heat sinks, timings and frequency. You can choose between higher frequency with higher latency or lower frequency and lower latency. I usually work with 2133 ghz i find that to be the best mid point.
    As for the mobo I would have to say that Asus has probably got the best boards for the 1150 socket so far. Some of them are the Asus Sabertooth Z87 and the Asus Maximus VI Hero Z87
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