Screen goes fuzzy and black randomly. GPU problem?

I built my PC over a month ago, and have been having a problem, where my screen will either go fuzzy for a second and then black, only to turn back on after like 2 seconds, or just go straight black for 2 seconds. All my games run fine, and the monitor works fine as well(tested with my laptop) so my question is, is the GPU the likely culprit? I had one guy suggest that my PSU might not be supplying enough power, but I have a friend with the same PSU with a 7970 with no problems. I have tried re installing drivers, installing beta drivers, heck, it even blacks out while in the bios.
My Specs are:
CPU: AMD FX 6300
Mobo: MSI 970a-G46 (crappy, I know)
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 Dual X boost
PSU: Corsair CX 600w
Memory: 1X4 G.Skill Ripjaw
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    Okay that you have problems while in BIOS suggest the video card or cable is bad. Have you tried swapping cables? Moved the video card? Did you check there is no dust / overheating? Otherewise I would ask your friend to bring his card and PSU, and test it in your computer. IF YOu get the same result then it is the 'crappy mobo' I would suspect. If as you test things (swap GPU first, no problem?, swap PSU, no problem?, swap GPu back with friend PSU, no problem? ) you should get down to what repeatedly causes the same issue. Now if you had problems during ALL this testing most likely either video cable or mobo at that point.
  2. I wiggled the cable around a bit, the screen went black, so I pushed the cable in really hard, and so far, no more black screens. Not very good with the fine details lol.
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