$200 eyefinity/surround graphics card

Is there a graphics card that is around $200 that can run newer games on 3 19" 720p res. monitors at high settings with 30+ fps?
my parents only spend 200 for chrstmas and i really want a 3 monitor setup, but i dont want to be playing very low settings.
or am i best asking for the 200 and saving up another 100 for a 7970 or an r9 280x?
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  1. Hi Fuze,

    what your asking a graphics card to do is play games at a resolution 3840 x 720.

    I would wait and save up for a better card if you are hard set on playing across 3 screens

    That being said however, I have 21" 27" 21" LCD setup and I cannot remember the last time I enabled eyefinity. I use it a lot for productivity work but when it comes to gaming I can never be bothered to run it across all 3.
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    im with hugo. id say a gtx 760 or 7950. but black friday is coming up and u might be able to snag either or a gtx 670 cheap
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