Gtx 780 Pop and smoke then burnt smell

Well My two week old evga gtx 780 sc acx was working fine playing games with no issues, I had overclocked it alittle and bumped up the fan speed on it. turned the computer on and walked away I come back and the computer was off. So i turned it back on and it posted and then the graphics card popped and blew alittle fire and I shut the computer down Instantly

I know the car is done I've already started the rma but I'm curious if the card could have just failed or if the power supply overvolted it?

I put in a spare card I had laying around a gtx 470, and the computer booted just fine. But it only uses two 6 pin power adapters not a 6 and 8 Its got me kind of concerned.

My setup is a
i7 950@3.8 on a EVGA FTW3
6gigs 1600mhz
240 samsung evo ssd
2x7200 250gb hdds in raid 0
corsair hx1050 thats maybe a year old.
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    I would start taking components out of the case and examine them carefully for damage.

    You can take each component and give it the sniff test.
  2. sniff test.

    eahuehaiudhiuahdiuahiuehaiuehaiuehauiea lmao
  3. why would someone oc gtx 780 for what reason lol
  4. Well that's besides the point.
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