New Build, HDMI works but not DVI

Built a PC with parts, i have a geforce gtx 760 graphics card and i plug and hdmi cord connected to my hd tv into the graphics card and i get a display. However, i bought a dvi-d extention cord connected to a dvi-a to vga adapter that connects to my monitor i get no signal digital or analogue. Did i plug something in wrong into the mother board? Im really lost and need help
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    Is the VGA monitor connected to the DVI-I port on the graphics card? If your extension cable is DVI-D, it does not carry analog signal.

    Or are you trying to use the motherboard's integrated video? If that's the case, the integrated video may be disabled when a discrete card is inserted in the PCIe X16 slot. What is your MB?
  2. A couple of things I noticed in your post:

    You are wanting to use VGA, which isn't carried on a DVI-D cable (the -D is digital only).

    Is the monitor plugged into the video card?

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