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I'm looking at future-proofing my system, and I'm debating my next upgrade. My current specs are:

GTX 670 2GB Gigabyte OC
16 GB Ram
Phenom II X4 970 @ 3.5GHz
Windows 7
Gigabyte 970 D3 Mobo

The rig will be a gaming rig almost exclusively, no high end industrial rendering here. I'm planning on my next upgrade as a liquid cooled FX-8350 and hope to push it upwards of 5 GHz, but my research seems to pull both ways; on one hand, the overclocking headroom and extra cores may help proof me for next gen, but on the other hand it sees very little performance gains over my current processor in the current PC world.

So should I look to upgrading my processor next like I have been thinking, or should I be focusing on a new GPU before I pull the trigger on the processor and wait it out for the 2014 AMD series ?

As a second question, I've also been a little torn on whether I should get a new single-card solution or run another 670 in SLI after a price drop.

Tips? Links? Ideas?

Many thanks.
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  1. What is your Budget? Are you building ground up (brand new everything or reusing?)
  2. Your gpu is fine I'd get a 8350 and liquid cooling and oc it to 5 gigas
  3. If you want the best bang for the buck and a smoking fast CPU do the i5 3570K overclock. It will push anything you can throw at it.

    You won't regret it. Don't settle for less. Most future proof option available - within reason of course (without throwing hundreds of extra dollars available).
  4. Audiohill said:
    What is your Budget? Are you building ground up (brand new everything or reusing?)

    I'm on a somewhat limited budget, though I can wait longer if I need to. Basically I'm eyeballing two builds that are either:

    The i5 3570k Overclocked, as Adroid suggested, that would result in buying a new mobo, and as for the liquid cooling I'm going in on a new case already to fit the radiatior/fans. Currently the i5 investment stands around $130 more for the mobo I'd go with. At that point it's tempting to wait it out for a fresh build w/ a new gpu/PSU, though I probably wouldn't as the 670 is a pretty powerful card still.

    Alternatively, the 8350 would basically feel like a rebuild anyway, as I would be removing my current CPU and cooler, switching cases and just spending a little less on not buying a new mobo, though with all I've heard I'm starting to think I made a mistake even buying AMD in the first place for high end gaming.
  5. iceclock said:
    Your gpu is fine I'd get a 8350 and liquid cooling and oc it to 5 gigas

    That was the plan, but I've been hearing that even at 5 GHz, it still has lower performance per core in gaming, the one exception being crysis 3 because it actually multithreads as well as it should.

    Seeing as how I only play crysis as a bit of a benchmark tool and eyecandy more than anything else, I don't find that too appealing.
  6. Well it's a cheaper route than a new intel i5 mobo and cooler. I say 8350. But if u want Intel get a as rock z87 extreme 4 and 467ok and h80i ull be set
  7. After debating on several forums, I think I have a plan: I'm going to buy a new case to fit an H80i Cooler, as my current mid-tower doesn't, and the H80i. I'm planning to try and OC this processor and see how it behaves when it is being cooled so well, and if it does poorly I think I'll follow the i5 upgrade path and OC that, since it would appear the only time the 8350 catches up with it is when it is using games that actually multithread w/ all 8 cores, which only Crysis 3 and BF4 do, and even then the two are about even.

    Other worthwhile details before I feel this is resolved:

    Awhile ago while I was playing a game I noticed that my processor's heat had spiked to 90c when I was just checking to check (yay for luck), though I have no idea how long it had been doing so; when I popped open the case, I saw the fan's heatsink was caked with dust and cleaned it all out and had it running at a nice 30-50 again.

    I find this relevant because I fear I've damaged the CPU, as I don't always see the framerates that my GPU does in other benchmarks, though I've never had any outright system failures do to this either. Am I being paranoid about this and creating a symptom myself, or is this a legitimate concern? How can I see if any of it is actually heat damaged?

    A prime95 torture test at stock clocks put the processor over 80c in the first three minutes, and I'm using a decent aftermarket cooler. Used to run reasonable temps, so I'm not sure what's happening.
  8. I wouldn't worry. Have u taken off the thermal paste off the CPU with 70% rubbing alcohol. And than reapply a rice size of thermal paste? Than reapply cooler that will help and changing case and over locking ur CPU sounds like a good idea ur CPU is still rocking and overclocked will be beastly
  9. I recommend the Asrock z77 extreme4 for that 3570k. I think newegg has it on sale right now for like $100.
  10. Best answer
    Extreme 4+3570k+cooler winning solution yes
  11. That looks fantastic; wish my plan made it a wise choice to pull the trigger on the expensive parts this weekend for the crazy sales. Maybe I'll splurge... thank you all so much
  12. anytime mr.sifferz if u got more questions im @ here :D
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