Need help with picking GPU pls

I'm unsure as the best way to go.
I will be getting a 3d vision setup shortly.
My monitor is 1080p 24'
So do I get a GTX780 for $600 or SLI GTX 760*2 for $630
The benchmarks I've seen give the gtx 760's in SLI the nod. I would think it would help the 3d vision as well.
But is it worth the hassel as appossed to just throwing in a single gtx780.

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    For gaming @ 1080p a single GTX780 is more than sufficient. Duel GPU configuration has lots of complications like driver support,high power consumption, heat, if one card fails you may not get the same card after RMA that breaks the SLI setup you had. So stick with a Single GPU card for a trouble free experience. If you want GTX760 SLIed performance from a single GPU card, Radeon R9 290X is a good choice
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