Blue Screen BCCode 124 Please Help

I recently replaced my motherboard, cpu and ram due to my old motherboard burning out. I reinstalled windows 7 and i keep getting blue screens randomly. The codes I get are:

BCCode 124
BCP: 0000000000000000
BCP2: FFFFFA80079F0028
BCP3: 000000000FF800000
BCP4: 00000000000000124

The motherboard is an Asus Z89-K
The cpu is an Intel i5-4670k
The ram is Patriot Viper 8gb DDR3 1600mhz
My video card is: Nvidia 560ti
My power supply is a coolermaster 550w

I was thinking maybe its overheating, I live in texas and outside its like 35 deg F so I have a heater going inside, and I used the stock cpu fan which i wasnt very impressed by. It had built in thermal paste which i assumed was good enough but not sure. My old cpu fan was a Zalman but it doesnt fit this cpu/mobo.
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  2. BCCode 124 is normally given when it's either hardware or power related.

    Run memtest to rule out your RAM, run some benches, stress your CPU, and watch the temps. Make sure your CPU is getting enough power as well through the bios.
  3. Just opened the minidump file says caused by driver hal.dll, caused by address hal.dll+12906, then also says crash adress ntoskrnl.exe+71f00

    And i have already run memtest and it passed
  4. I had those same .dll and .exe files earlier this year when I built my rig. My fix was purely through the voltage setting; it was set to adaptive, I set it to a steady 1.1v and the BSODs have not come back.
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