Need suggestions on a Video Card for a Dell Dimension XPS Gen 4

I have an old Dell Dimension XPS Gen 4 computer, and the fan on my video card has cracked so I need to replace it. Would like an upgrade to what the computer came with in the process. I do play games, but don't expect to be able to run the newest games nor do I need high settings, just need games like Oblivion to be playable on low settings.

So what I am here to ask is any suggestions for a good Video Card that would be compatible with my old computer? It has the old PCI port and 460wPSU. Would like to stay around $50 or so, unless I really need to pay more to get a decent card.
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    You said it is old, so I am guessing it is this >>> . That is.. currently on display at the Computer History Museum, so NO there is no 'upgrade' option here. There is no PCI cards anymore (for like 10 years they not been produced if not longer!!!) so you are WAY out of luck on this.

    A simple CHEAP solution, get a i5core desktop from Walmart for only $349, includes mouse, keyboard and sometimes a free LCD.
  2. What's ur budget for upgrade or new PC?
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