Less Than $1500 Gaming/Editing/Workstation

Hey guys, it is my first time building a custom PC. My budget is less than $1500. I want to get good Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals.

I would like it to be able to handle games such as Battlefield 4 and other fps. I also would like it to be able to handle light photoshop and Sony Vegas work.

Peripherals should be included!

Newegg has the
Intel i7 3.5ghz 4770k for $290 on Black Friday.
They will also have the Corsair carbide series gaming case for $69.99
Right now they have an Asus vez47h 23.6" led monitor for $109

I need a gpu, SSd, internal hard drive, motherboard,ram, power, keyboard, mouse
All under $1500 total.

Runs quiet is also a plus :)

Please help me out. I have no clue what I am doing.Thanks!
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