winxp hard drive was slave to win 7 os

Hi. I have a old hard drive was failed as I boot my PC the error goes in " error loading operating system. As I've got this message I slave my win xp hard drive(sata) in my other PC with win 7 os(ide) but when I open the slave hard drive I can't see my folders including pictures,videos,movies and other important files. How can I retrev all those files?
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  1. Is the drive appearing in BIOS ?

    does the drive report its size correctly in an explorer window ?
  2. Yes it do appear in bios.. as I open the window I see also the drive in my computer....but the files isn't there anymore. Only the application that I installed in that hard drive. As I check the size, it's almost full as it is. That's why I conclude that the files is there. By it,s not visible.
  3. Have you tried connecting it to another IDE channel?

    Have you tried running ckdsk?
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