help choosing mother board for gaming/editing/3d modeling pc i7 gtx 770

Hi there, I'm looking forward to update my rig:
q9300, 4gb ram, gtx460. 8hdds

In my research I'm narrowing my options for an
intel i7 4770
gforce gtx770
SSD 128gb or 256gb for OS.
I will use some of my sata hdds on this rig and also the case.

right now I'm stuck with the motherboard, Ram, and power supply.

1. I liked the z87plus asus, but I'm not sure if having on board video might be an issue.
2. I'm looking into 32gb of Ram or more, which ram do you recommend
4. I'm not looking into overclocking as a must, maybe a bit, but not mandatory
5. budget is not limited but of course I don't want to go over the top, I 'm looking from $700 to $1200 if there is a huge leap on workflow expending a bit more, let me know.
6. I'm not looking into SLI
7. is water cooling worth it? I like it and seems to be going down on price. But not a must
8. If I use the gtx460 would I create some kind of bottleneck, or can I hold into it for a bit longer? or should I go with the 770 from day 1.
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    1. most all new cpu now have some ipgpu in them now. the intel ipgpu can be turned off in the bios if not needed. Your always better off leaving it on if the gpu has an issue at lest the rig will fall over to the on-board video till you can replace it.
    is on the mb qal list for 32g kit.
    7. water cooling (less noise) there a lot of air cooler that are just as good. there lot of tower air coolers that are good for 30.00 price point.
    the gpu the newer one going to be faster,run cooler. myself right now i would use the 460 till nvidia drops there maxwell (800) gpu next year. right now nvidia is in a price/speed war with amd. that why you say the 780ti drop nvidia got caught with there pants down with the 290x and there newer gpu not ready yet.

    power supply with a rig with a lot of drives pick up an 850w unit to give yourself some overhead and room if you want to sli/crossfire latter. use a cosair or seasonic unit.
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