Which headset should i buy for pc gaming?

Which headset should i buy?
The astro A50 wireless (bf4 or normal one) or Plantronics GameCom Commander 7.1?
My budget is €300 if there are any other headsets you guys recommend your welcome to share with me :)

The games i play are Battlefield and call of duty so especially fps games for pc

But i heard that the A50 has some problems with the sound and mic is this true?
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  1. The Roccat Kave got some nice reviews. Maybe look into that. Although its only 5.1 channel
  2. Steelseries Siberia V2 is one of the top headphones.
    hope you may like it. :)
  3. Okay thx for the reply!
    I definitely gonna take a look at the recommanded headsets you guys told me.
    If any one else have some recommanded headsets there welcome to share it :)

    Or have some experience with plantronics of a50's plz let me know
  4. +1 for the Siberia V2.
  5. voiidwulf said:
    +1 for the Siberia V2.

    TY :)
  6. Best answer
    In my experience, I haven't noticed any issues with the A50's mic or sound; both were actually quite good, for a wireless headset. I tested a pair for 6 months and liked them a lot - the only major downside is the price :( they are overpriced, but excellent nonetheless

    the range was better than my tactic 3d omegas, and basestation has optical-out, so you can pipe the sound to an AVR or whatever

    I haven't tested the Commander model, but plantronics as a brand is usually pretty solid. their 780 is a great budget model and they have some other good stereo cans.

    like GhosT noted, the Siberia V2 is another good headset its price, but if your budget is €300 there are better options (that cost more, of course)

    good luck man. happy gaming :)
  7. Oké but i'm thinking to buy the seberia v2 because u just orderd a benq 27" screen so the bugdet is a little lower now :D
    Thankyou for your reply!
  8. I have the steelseries seberia elite white.
    Its a verry verry nice headset!!!

    Thx guys for your commands
  9. jonathanvw said:
    I have the steelseries seberia elite white.
    Its a verry verry nice headset!!!

    Thx guys for your commands

    You're Welcome :)
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