My mic is not working, it works on other computers.

Okay i have the Sennheiser PC350, and ASUS Z89 A Mobo, and my mic suddenly stopped working. Its working fine on other PC's. I tested other headsets, and they are not working either. I have Realtek HD Audio driver 2.73. I tried the default thingy. When i plug it in and out it makes these strange noise. And when im on Teamspeak, with the mic on, other people can hear themselves, from my mic.
Plese help me, im desperate!
Thank you all in advance.
(Pls Blackbird)
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  1. did windows or the software mute the mic???
  2. smorizio said:
    did windows or the software mute the mic???

    How do i check that?
  3. click on your speaker icon bring up windows volume mixer. clock for x or check mark under mic that show it muted.
  4. Will do this when i get home.
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