I3 4130 or FX-6300 for BF4

I was about to get the FX-6300, but then I saw the 4130 and it seem pretty good. What I want to know which is better, because I heard that I3 is dual core, and BF4 needs 4 core to play the games smoothly? Also is the 8 core cpu from AMD good, cause in the future I am going to definitely upgrade, and I dont want to pay for another MOBO
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    For the same price, I would get the FX 6300. The i3 will play older games much better, but I would rather have the 6 core AMD for most present and all future games.

    The Intel i3 has 2 really powerful cores, the FX 6300 has 6 weaker cores. The FX 6300 can be overclocked, the i3 cannot.
  2. An i5 is better, I'm going to go ahead and say it even though you didn't ask because it's only a matter of time before people show up and start telling you you're stupid for getting either of them, and that you need an i5.

    You don't NEED an i5, is it better? Hell yeah, but even an i3 or FX 4300 is good enough for 1080p gaming at the moment. The FX 6300 is really good and the FX 8320/8350 is even better. The AMD's are GREAT for the price.
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