Can some one advise for me to upgrade cpu?

I am using Asus CM1831, with amd fx-8120, and looking for cpu to upgrade without changing motherboard.

Among amd cpu's, which one would be the highest one that works on my motherboard?

Thanks, brothers
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    FX 8350 is the only best option that you have bro.
    Both have same sockets so you just have to bring 8350 and put it in your motherboard.
    the difference between 8120 and the 8350 is that FX 8350 have slightly higher clock speed than 8120.
    or else you can go for FX 8320 and overclock it,
    it will give the almost same performence as FX 8350.
  2. instead of 8350 go wih 8320, its cheaper, and peroforms almost the same as its an underclocked version of FX 8350.
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