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So I am planing to buy another graphics card, the R9 280x and crossfire it with my HD7970, but I've read that there are a lot of frame-pacing problems, so is this fixed with the latest drivers? I guess with the 13.8 beta driver? Or do you think I am better going with one r290x/290.
I am using only a SINGLE monitor I don't care about the electric bill or the heat. Just want to be future proof like 1 year at the most and of course 60 fps on ultra settings : )
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    The latest driver is a big improvement but neither AMD, nor Nvidia drivers have been able to make two cards look as smooth as a single card.

    When I was running two 560's in SLI, the only time it felt as smooth as my single 780 feels, was when I was able to keep a game over the monitor refresh rate. (60fps in my case)

    Once I dropped below that, it was not as smooth as my single 780.

    I would go with a single 290x rather than crossfire.
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