Radeon HD 6990. What Games of next Generation run on this?

I'm thinking about to buy a new graphic card.
Radeon HD 6990
Radeon R9 280X
GTX 660 Ti
GTX 760

I've Looked on HW compare and Radeon HD 6990 Wins.
Well , What do you say for me..
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    It's old generation tech. If you really want to spend and get the best possible, then get a gtx780ti or gtx780 or a 290x. If not, get a 280x. But do not get a 6990.
  2. Thanks gcatalin. I'll wait for January of 2014. And Then I'll buy. I'm Brazilian and the GTX 780 Ti is 2.000 Dollar ( 4.000 Reais). I'll Buy only on January. Thats will be probably 1.500 Dollar .
  3. The 780 Ti is not a necessity. I was just saying if you really want to get a monster of a card. For 1080p a 280x would suffice. For 1440p a 780/290 would be enough. The 780Ti and 290x would be actually needed in a multi monitor setup.
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