Origin in x86 or program files?

People have said that if you have origin in x86 it runs in 32 bit and doesn't utilize your whole system. My question is if I install the games in program files will it make bf4 run better then if it was in x86?
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  1. No.
    Its not like that.
    nothing is going to change in performence at all.
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    Origin is 32 bit wherever you install it. But games in origin and origin are different apps. Origin is more like a shortcut manager. When you click play in origin, it starts the game which runs on its own.
  3. I don't see how this would make a difference. A 64bit application can not run off of 32bit dll's etc. So regardless of where you place battlefield it won't make a difference. I had battlefield 4 in the program files x86 folder and then copied the games to the drives root. Did not make any difference. The reason behind the two different folders is due to how the wow emulator works and assigning which api,dll etc is used. But you can also specify on the application side which architecture you run etc which makes the folder sorting irrelevant. Microsoft did this because they couldn't expect every company to just migrate to pure 64bit and had to split the two. Today its just a form of sorting due to almost every app being released having 64 bit support. So I wouldn't worry about this and I highly doubt this would make a difference.
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