can my pc run battlefield 4 max settings ?

specs : i5 ivy bridge 8 gigs ram gtx 560 SE overclocked win7 64 bit P.S. i can run it on ultra at 720p i'm asking if i can run it on 1080 or more.
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  1. No, not with that GPU.
  2. so what GPU can do that ? "low budget"
  3. Ultra 1080p with AA on? Anything above r9 290x

    or anything above GTX 680 with AA off

    These aren't budget GPUs. Unless you'll satisfy with lower FPS, in which case you can go with cheaper cards (see the charts for best decision)

    PS: can you be more specific with CPU, is it 3570k?
  4. i just need playable FPS 30 or above at 1080p or more.cpu is i5 3330 2.6 GHz 6mb cash with turbo boost up to 2.9
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    Your CPU will handle BF4 on singleplayer well, and should perform good on multiplayer too. What's your GPU budget? If you can afford 200$, then 7870 GHz edition is a good GPU or r9 270x
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