Pc turns on but no display help!!!!

ok guys about to slit my wrist
this is my second build that didn't work and i don't have much cash to be throwing at another build
first of all have bought 3 power supplies for about 250 in all
the latest one i bought cost 78 and works with paper clip trick
other two works with paper clip trick too.
have bout two mother boards
my first build was

AMD Phenom II X6 1045T with M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3

2x X5870A 4GB PC3-10600R DDR3-1333 8GB Sun Fire Memory
figured out this is server ram so bought some ddr3 regular

TR161B Gray ATX Computer Case


750w power supply

got everything together didnt work plugged it up turned on fans spun and no display

so parted this out and sold most parts because i thought i must of fried psu motherboard or ram

then got a cheaper build

amd a6 5400k cpu
fm2 motherboard micro
ddr3 sdram
another psu
hd 7870 gpu
keep case and my hard-drive from previous build

same thing as before i used paper clip to turn on motherboard panel and everything spins up even hard drive sounds like its being read but
no display have been through steps
and have metal stand offs in case but still not working
a friend of mine said i could be shorting the motherboard but how i put the metal stand offs in

also one of the stands off and screws are stuck together on the motherboard and wont come apart unless i use wrench and screwdriver
so i stuck cloth right there so it wont touch motherboard

and took it out of case and tried to boot it that way but still nothing
any thing i could try before i throw this sh#! away
will upload better parts list of second build later
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  1. Have you been using anti-statics while handling the parts?
    What make of motherboard?
    Have you plugged the 24 pin AND 4 pin power connectors in?
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