Asrock p67 pro3 overclocking problem

Hello, I am trying to overclock my i5 3750k, but when I go to OC Tweaker, I don't have option "per core" (multiplier) but when I select "All Cores" I can't choose multiplier higher than 38. Also, my BIOS just skips the Intel Turbo option (as in I cannot select it, but it's ON anyways). I have tried clicking CMOS button at the back of the motherboard, I am currently on BIOS p3.30 and I can't downgrade it for some reason. It says this. I would appreciate any help on this one. Thanks! :)
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  1. Full system specs? As in ALL of it.

    Also you should not be using the OC tweaker, use BIOS options.
  2. Asrock P67 pro3
    12 GB RAM @ 1600MHz
    Radeon R9 290 4GB
    Corsair 600W
    Intel i5 3570k

    Alright, I was just looking and people are doing OC in BIOS using the OC Tweaker. I will try that, but also I have seen on Intel's page that this CPU can only go up to 3.8GHz. Is this only for their "turbo mode"?

    Thanks in advance!
  3. Yes, that is turbo, HOWEVER. If you increase the multiplier in the BIOS that can go much higher.

    What CPU cooler do you have?
    What EXACT model Corsair PSU do you have?
  4. Yeah, but I cannot even choose it. I am doing it in BIOS already, as I said, it's locked down from 16-38!

    Hyper 212 EVO and not sure which PSU.
  5. So you can not increase it at all?
    Try and see fi there is an option to enable unofficial settings?
  6. So you can not increase it at all?
    Try and see fi there is an option to enable unofficial settings?
  7. I can range from 16-38 multiplier.

    What do you mean by unofficial settings?

    Here is a video, try and follow it. BUT DO NOT START AT 5.1GHZ!
  9. This is EXACTLY my problem, I don't have option "per core" nor can I go above 38, but he can go above it. Is there any way to downgrade my BIOS or something?
  10. Not really no, but you can try upgrading it and see?
  11. It's already on the latest version of BIOS.
  12. Guess you are gonna have to contact Asrock, they have decent online response times. GIve them a shout.
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