HD 7850 2GB OC catalyst problem

My Sapphire HD 7850 2GB OC is overheating (90°C) and is max busy in windows 7 64 explorer (yes, no other program running) with any catalyst drivers other than 12.3. The fan speed is very low in auto and doesn´t react to tweaking. With drivers 12.3, which i received with the card, everything seems to be in normal. Whats the problem with this card and newer drivers? Am i missing something, except of good grammar? Thanks a lot, guys. Petr
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  1. use an older driver.................... also, you can set fan speed manually in the overclock section in the CCC.
  2. But you know: newer is better, right... I´m wondering why this kind of error occurs with latest driver.
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    maybe it has something to do with the changes made in the newer amd cards? i've had troubles in the past using new drivers with older cards and I even had a new driver ruin a card. the card ran great but was pushed over it's long term capable limits.
  4. Well, thanks for the response. My previous card was HD 5750 and it ran flawlessly with up-to-date drivers. I´l try to stick with 1,5 year old ones.
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