PC Crashes after during gaming and wont start up for at least 10 min after?

thanks for reading :) i have just spent all my money on parts for my new system with my old gpu 560 ti and an older i5i, tx mobo.
so games run great until 5-20 mins in it will just stop. pressing power button wont work for at least 10 min afterwards.
Temps are fine, cpu maxes at 55C, motherboard gets to 55C, 560 ti gets to 76C
PSU is fine because i had 2 to test both over 500w good brands

I suspect motherboard but need a second opinion before i go ahead and potentially waste money on something i dont need
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  1. It could be the motherboard. It is hard to tell. Try taking all non essential hardware off line and see if it still does it. Does it only do it during gaming?
  2. its a new build and i only have the one game installed. i did get to test another graphics card and the same problem occured. i kind of hope it is the motherboard because there is only one motherboard in my country for sale and no cpu 1156
  3. any ideas? has anyone had this issue and diagnosed it?
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