hi i need help with after market cpu fan cooler

hey ppl

i know that this question is being questioned alot but all the other topics dont give a specific answer.

it's about CM hyper 212 evo am going to buy this cooler fan to my 775 socket cpu E7200 i know its old but still running like a horse .

i know that this fan cooler comes with one XtraFlo 120 fan now the question is should i buy other one or a blade master
and will it fit my gigabyte 945gcm-s2l
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    The Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO doesn't benefit from a 2nd fan. It is very compact and efficient with just 1 fan...also quieter.

    It is also a very good budget cooler. From personal experience, I had my FX 8350 at 4.4GHz on stock voltage under the 212 EVO. It stayed below 56-57c at full load. This was with 1 fan. So you will be fine.
  2. so i dont need other fan even for getting the hot air out
    am not gonna use the other fan for cooling it
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