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So recently my skype friend told me that he couldn't hear me. So i got closer to the mic and he only could here me loud enough when i almosg had the microphone in my mouth. I don't know what causes it that my microphone is so silent. I can fix it by doing the sound at 100 and +30 db but you here so much static that you almost can't here me. So i tryd about everything i know of. I tries:
- going into the sound options
- getting a new audio driver ( latest realtek version )
- getting a new microphone
- getting a new motherboard ( not only for this purpose, got the asus z87 k and a 4770k processor)
- updated from windows 7 to 8.1 and cleaned my primary drive.

So i don't really know for sure if it happened before i changed motherboard for sure. If this maybe the case how could i test it. My headphone sounds just work good. If anyone got a solution or something just say it i appriciate al kinds of help.

- jari ( sorry if there some grammer problems this is typed from my ipad )
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  1. Did you do a fresh install of windows after you changed out the mobo and processor? You say your not sure if the issue was present prior to the change of hardware? Or did you do all those things after the problem first happened?
  2. after i got the new mobo windows wouldn't start anymore so i installed windows 7 again. after i saw the problem i tried and installed windows 8.1
  3. and i got a new motherboard just because i wanted a new processor it's not for this problem
  4. When you change out CPU's and motherboards you most often have to reinstall windows. Did you do a clean install or just pop in a disk and hit the upgrade button?
  5. cleaned my primary c drive and did a custom install
  6. Try uninstalling reinstalling any software\drivers pertaining to the microphone.
  7. what drivers should i all do? i know i should do my audio again but which more and should i do it from the drivers that came whith my motherboard or the latest on the sites
  8. im assuming you have the mic connected to the onboard audio jacks then it would just be the drivers for your onboard audio these you can find in device manager. also if your mic came with any software uninstall that as well
  9. mic didn't came with any software or anything. so which driver should i update too? should i go to the driver which came to my motherboard or get the latest one from realtek or another compagny?
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    Yes its the uninstall here that will help you if its the drivers thats the issue. Just pop out to your MOBO manufacturers site and they should have the latest drivers available.
  11. so this worked. thanks for the help and the fast responds. i first got rid of my old audio drivers and installed the one for my motherboard from the asus website. so thanks for your time
  12. NP glad i could help.
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