How many watts for gtx770 sli?

There are many questions already like this one, but they all vary. Some people say 750w is fine, others say 850w is the bare minimum. I'm soon getting a Corsair HX750W(80+ Gold). Will this power two gtx 770s along with
i5 3570k w/ stock cooler (No OC yet)
8gb of ram 1600mhz
5 fans (4x 120mm/ 1x 200mm)
1 HDD 7,200rpm
1 Optical Drive

Thanks in advance
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    For SLI 770s, you should be fine with the HX750, which is an incredibly good power supply.
  2. Ok good to know, thanks.
  3. I would go with a quality 850w to give yourself enough headroom for overclocking.
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