Looking for a good PC and PS3 headset

I brought a Steelseries 5HV2 a year and a half ago, and the mic randomly stopped working. Is there any good headset is compatible with both PC and the PS3? I'm not looking for a high-end headset. I'm looking for one that is similar to my previous headphones.

My preferred price range would be $20 - $70.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Turtlebeach x40s at 45$ would do the trick mate
  2. I prefer not buying Turtlebeach headphones anymore just because my P11 broke after a month using it.
  3. Razer carcharias 70$ at newegg I've used these and sound good
  4. iceclock said:
    Razer carcharias 70$ at newegg I've used these and sound good

    Bought them, had to return because it made a static noise every time I plugged it into my PC. Even if I tried another one, it still made that static noise.

    Thanks for all of the suggestions though :)
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    How about skullcandy slyr they got decent reviews
  6. It seems like a pretty good headset. However, the price seems a bit too high for me and there's no shop that sells them cheaper. Anything else?
  7. Hmm.. I'll still have to pay at least $75 in Canada.. I think I'll try out the Skullcandy headset. Thanks for all your help man!
  8. excellent anytime dude :)
  9. I got the Skullcandy Slyr a couple of days ago and they work! I love how you can change settings to your personal preferences. My only problem is that the volume does not "save". So, whenever I start up my PS3, the volume is turned to its highest.
  10. Excellent happy u enjoy them
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