Can I wash CPU in water? I need to cause I got thermal paste on the pins also.

Also I just took apart the motherboard and the heat sink.

When I pulled the heatsink off the Cpu came off also... Is that suppose to happen?

And here is another question. If the graphic card is getting power from the PCI-E slot does it mean that the slot still works?
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  1. The CPU is not supposed to come out with the heatsink, but it happens with some types of thermal paste. I usually give the heatsink a slight twist to break it loose from the CPU before I lift it up. You should be able to gently pop the CPU off the heatsink (if you need to pry, use something that won't scratch either the heatsink or the CPU heatspreader), clean everything up, reinstall the CPU (after checking for bent pins), and reinstalling the heatsink with fresh thermal paste.

    As for your graphics card, are there any power sockets on it? If so, power cords need to be plugged into it since the slot will not provide enough power.

  2. Never use water on electronic equipment. Rubbing alcohol you can use. I prefer to get the 90+% stuff.
  3. Ya the card is getting power from the power supply as well but I get no display. Also what will I need to un-install the Cooler Master Hyper 212?

    Also there is thermal paste between the pins. Idk how to get them to come off.
  4. Also guys I just need a solution to getting the thermal paste out of the CPU pins. I was planing on putting it under the sink and then leaving it to dry.
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    Use a toothbrush and rubbing alcohol. Water and electronics are bad combo.
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