how do I open word file that I forgot to save? PLEASE HELP!

Ok so I typed a 5 page report on my PC using Microsoft Word 2013. When I finished it all in one night, I did the dumb move of just printing it all out and not saving it. Well, I have found out that I need to print it out again now. Word clearly remembers the file, but when I try to open it up it says the following: "Sorry, we couldn't find your file. Is it possible it was moved, renamed, or deleted?" IS THERE ANY WAY I COULD RECOVER THIS? PLEASE ANSWER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
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  1. No, Word does not remember it, because it has no file name.

    Take the printout to a Kinko's, and they can run it through the copier. Or possibly the copier at school.
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    The easiest way probably is to photocopy the document

    Or if you need to amend the text get some one with a scanner and optical character recognition software to convert your existing paper copy back to a Word document or RTF.

    If you had Word configured to produce a timed backup it is possible there are traces of earler versions of the document.

    Look at Word configuration to find out where temporary files would be stored
    (probably Word Options / Advanced File Locations (looking at my Word 2007))

    BUT the more you use this computer and the fuller the hard disk is the less chance of recovering the file

    You have learnt a hard lesson about the importance of giving the Office document a name and saving regularly


    Mike Barnes
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