Is this a good build for a gaming pc??

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    Hard Drive: Get more than one, or a bigger one. More recently, higher end games like Battlefield 4 etc have been 20+ GB. The RAM is good. The CPU and GPU are a perfect match for each other, as long as you aren't going nuts and trying to do full settings on Crysis and stuff. My GPU is worse than that and I can handle BF4 on medium settings with a constant 40 FPS. As for the case, that's pretty low quality and I'd suggest getting something a little bit sturdier from a company like CM, Corsair, or NZXT. Can't go wrong with Windows 7, and no reason for stuff past Home Premium if you're not doing crazy stuff. Simple DVD drive, you probably won't need this after installing your OS, so getting the cheapest one is your best tactic. 80Plus PSU is good, wattage works for this system. I'd recommend not even using a wireless card, Ethernet will be way quicker. I'm not the guy to ask if you have to be wireless though. The Hyper 212 is one of the best non-liquid coolers there is, so that's a good choice. You'll be able to run any game at at least 40 FPS with this.
  2. For HDD, I think you only need to pay $3 for 500GB more.
    Isn't WD Black 1Gb on sale at $74.99?
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