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i just finished my first gaming pc, runs like a champ. ive got the crosshair v formula z with fx 8350 vishera. now when i first booted it, it says CPU OVER TEMP ERROR, and when i check the temp in the bios it says 176 celsius/ 300 farienhiet something around those numbers. now i can get rid of the error if i ignore the cpu temp.
when i run core temp and cpu z, my temp is at 15min 35 max.. stays around 30 celsius. but my bios temp monitor says 176 celsius/ 300 farienhiet still. ive had no problems at all so far. i did take of the heatsink and
change the thermal paste to artic 5 silver(the good stuff) but im still getting the same error thru bios temp monitor. and core temp cpu z says its normal to low temp. is this a bug? thanks!
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  1. Try to update the BIOS. Maybe is having hard time identifying the CPU and need to be updated. I can't see any other problem since you said you re-applied the thermal paste and the software reports normal temperatures.
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    Agreed, however, you could try clearing the CMOS first. Move the CLRTC jumper from 1-2 to 2-3 for about a minute, then switch it back.
    If it's still bad, Asus's newest BIOS would likely be the best idea. IF if is current, I would still install it again ( use the USB mode - EZ Flash - simply put the newest unzipped Bios on the USB stick - restart and choose the file in Tools > EZ flash and it does the rest ).
    I hope you are not running the stock cooler, not that it would run that hot, but $30 to $40 will get you something significantly better!
  3. Yes that processor will run better with a aftermarket cooler because of the 8 cores and the high clock speed, generating so much heat.
  4. any links to the updates? or asus newest bios?
  5. Draekein said:
    any links to the updates? or asus newest bios?
  6. I run 8350 / Asus M5A99X and use a Thermalright 120mm cooler ($40) and it is idling at 29C right now, max temps will not exceed 54C in a hot room (benchmarks) and typical is 48C when gaming. Too get it hot you have to push it past 4.5Ghz. Even at 4.3, it only goes up a few degress. It's when you get it close to 5 Ghz that requires H2O. The fact that your (normal readings) are showing 15/35, shows me there is still an error, You won't get 15C unless the air temp in your room is about 10C (50F) or colder! 15C is 59 F! Good luck getting temps below room temp with any cooler!
  7. i have a lg windowed ac i usually run it all day, and alll my case fans are hooked up, cool master haf, gigabyte windforce card
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