RAM usage to high?

Ok i have a new pc built with
corsair vengance (2x4)
corsair 650w
msi -g45 gaming motherboard
windows 8

my computer has some high end parts and its very fast (at times) with my ssd. its ram usage just sky rockets and continues to climb higher everyday. It use to be 14% to 22% to 36% now its at 55%.. whats the deal? its laggy now and i dont even have much applications open or running in the background.
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    I know it sounds basic but I suggest you restart your computer just to empty out your RAM.
    If that doesn't work try reinstalling Windows since you may have a virus that is using a lot of your RAM.
  2. i restart my computer and it goes down but picks back up as soon as i open an app. If I reinstall it how would i do that? but also how am i to download everything i just had like all my steam games, music, movies, and photos again without spendings days doing so
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