I need help about purchasing a VCard..

As of now, i have this build:
(I'm completely new to this so please bear with me..)

MotherBoard: MSI 785GM-E51 (MS-7596)
Chipset - AMD
SouthBridge - ATI

CPU/Proc: AMD K10 [AMD Phenom II x2 555
Package - Socket AM2+ (940)

RAM/Memory: Kingston 2Gb [Single Channel] DDR3
DRAM Freq: 666.7 MHz (9-9-9-24)

GPU/VCard: Onboard ATI HD Radeon 4200 (256mb)

Hard Drive: 320Gb Western Digital (SATA)

Case: AeroCool Strike-X One

Monitor: AOC 936w [max. 1366x768]

Peripherals: DeLux Ps2 Keyboard and Mouse, CD-R King Speakers

I would like to buy a new video card but i am really confused as to which video card should i get and which one is compatible with my pc..
(i would want a video card that could run games like nba2k14, CoH2 and/or Sims)

As i have read on various forums about upgrading or installing video cards, I should first determine if my pc has a slot for video card and yes my motherboard has one.

but here comes the difficult part, i really don't know if i have the right PSU at the moment for upgrading/installing a new videocard. this is mainly because, as i bought my computer case before , it comes with a generic power supply with it and it has no label of what brand it is but has a sticker that labels: 500watts..

i have friends that would sell their spare videocards to me for a very friendly price. and those are GT220 and HD 5570.. but i am in doubt at the moment if my computer is compatible with those and if my PSU is enough to handle one of those Vcards..
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  1. Your PSU should have no problem with either of those cards and they are both compatible, however I'm not sure what kind of gaming you plan to do because those are older entry level cards that will have problem running many titles released within the past few years.
  2. I see.. I'm doing mild gaming. i mean i don't actually play the games that are recently released or whatever. (except for 2k14 lol). I don't switch from game to game as to which is the latest.(kind of like game hopping) If so, would you mind recommending any decent video cards? and if possible, only graphic cards that are about the same price range mentioned above..
  3. Tell me the absolute most you can pay. Those two cards aren't sold new anymore for the most part so the prices vary, basically they are worth whatever the seller is asking. According to this website the 5570 is being sold new for $184, but that's just not right because you can get a high end current generation card for that much.
  4. well this may be another problem because i am from philippines and i think the prices really is different. in here i can find a brandnew powercolor hd 5570 for like 1,500php and thats 34.30usd as google said.. oh well..
  5. If you can get a 5570 really cheap then do it. You shouldn't have any problems running games, you just might not be able to play at 1080p, and the frame rates won't be high but they will be playable.
  6. nah.. i don't mind playing games and having average frame rates.. anyway thanks for the input.. you've been a great help.

    but one last inquiry. which one do you think is better?

    a. Powercolor HD 5570 1GB
    b. Sapphire HD 5450 1GB
    c. Sapphire Radeon 6450 1GB
    d. Palit 210 1GB
    e. Zotac GT 620 Synergy Edition 1GB

    btw, these are the VC's that are currently offered to me by my friends and the prices are just about the amount that i can pay for now. but any better suggestions are very much welcome.. :D
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    The 5570 has about twice the power of every one of those. Every one besides the 5570 isn't really a gaming card, it's made more for home theater PC's or for people who just want dedicated video memory for better performance when running Windows or for certain apps.
  8. okay got it.. going to buy the 5570.
    thank you very much swilczak!~
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