Please help me decide whether to buy or not

As per my previous question i was sure i wanna buy 2 Radeon R9 290X and CF them so i went to buy all components and build this new system!!!
When i was looking at the motherboard (ASUS Crosshair-v Formula-Z) i saw it has PCI-E 2 slots!!!!
actually all availabe AMD motherboards are PCI-E 2!!!!!!!!!!!!
but all new radeon VGAs (7000 and r9 series) are PCI-E 3 graphic cards!!!
i am fan of amd and i have not used intel cpu for desktop for 16 years!(i love to hate intel)
so i will not love my PC if i get intel one ........................
i wanted to know what should i do?!
will this PCI-E 2 issue which all AMD motherboards has reduce my performance? :(
I am very disappointed at the moment by the way!
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