monitor wont come out of sleep mode!!!

when i boot my computer, everything comes on (lights, fans ,etc.) but my monitor wont connect. The light just flashes over and over as if its in sleep mode. i tried different monitors, different video card, different VGA cable, even DVI and HDMI ports and nothing works! help :(
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  1. The reason for your problem is that some sofftware accidentally disables some services related to your monitor function. A perfect and final solution for your problem is to recover your system to factory condition or simply reinstall the operating system. This will surely solve your problem.
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    You got a hardware problem. You'll have to single out the one causing the problem. By swapping out components. It's not the card as you already tried. Try your ram in different slots, or even run a single stick.
  3. please, not the "Throe the kitchen sink at it solution"(I.e. Change slots, get a new GPU, Throw the mobo against a wall and thentry again, buy new things like a new bloomin computer etc.) This is a genuine and intriguing problem. CABINET KICKERS STAY HOME PLEASE.
  4. BY the way, I have tried the kitchen sink solution and the problem persists. Even had the frikkin cpu changed snd (Upgraded?) from i5-2500 to luck :(
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