After installing any NVIDIA Drivers Windows 7 (SP1) won't boot.

Alright... So I built this comp myself 5-6 years ago, although outdated, it has been very stable. Only upgrades have been GPU's. I'm a gamer, so that's my main use for this rig. I recall 10-12 days ago playing BF4. As mentioned, everything was fine for all games... Countless hours of SWTOR, BF3, BF4 etc. While playing BF4, my whole system suddenly crashed! Monitor went into sleep setting, and pc was down. (This has never happened before) I tried to reboot. Windows won't start. After a few recovery steps I get frustrated and decide the hard drive is so HIV'd up, I will just format and lose everything, and start from scratch. This was successful. I reset CMOS, Updated BIOS. (as I was running the original MB version before) I updated all windows updates (to date) Even optional, except the 1 Nvidia option. And everything seems fine. Once I install that Nvidia update, or any Geforce updates what so ever, Windows will not start. Not to mention, the BIOS screen will freeze for a minute or so. After the freeze, I get the "Windows Loading" screen, then black. Screen doesn't shut off, like power save mode, just black. I have let this ride for some time, and it reboots itself. If I try to type password, nothing. I've tried system repairs as well. Nothing. So as it stands... I've been at this for 10 days now. Best I can get is...

BIOS screen hangs for 30 secs-1 min.
Windows loads ONLY with Standard VGA Adapter driver. (will not load otherwise, even safe mode)


Evga X58 SLI Mobo
i7 920 @ 2.67 GHz CPU
6 GB Corsair DDR2 (can look into the specs later)
Evga Geforce GTX 660 GPU
Windows 7 Pro (SP1)
Newest BIOS Version 83 (Evga Mobo Website)

This ship is sinking! Needs help! Thank in advance!
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  1. 660's, 660 ti's, and boosts are funny with older systems. Dont ask me why, it just comes up a lot. If you can run with older drivers, leave it at that.
    It seems linked to the pci-e bus controllers. Maybe Nvid will fix it later, but I wouldnt worry too much. Incidentally, I have a 6800 gt agp card that does the same on an old pc. 'Go figure?'
    Certain people I know have pointed at the enforced replacement route;
    Nvidia want you to buy a new card. Tut Tut Tut. Dont believe it for a minute.
  2. Well I have tried,

    331.93 - BETA
    331.82 - WHQL
    331.65 - WHQL
    331.58 - WHQL
    331.40 - BETA
    And 327.23 - WHQL

    How far back does someone need to go? haha Right now I'm going to try 320.49
  3. Alright, I'm not sure what the problem is with the GTX 660, but it's the GPU, that's the problem. Not the system or drivers conflicting. I installed an older card. EVGA GTS 250 and updated to the latest drivers and everything is running great. No Bios hang ups, no failed boot ups. Nothing, so I bought the card in April this year, I hope the manufacturer will issue a new one. Thanks again for your help Chrisso
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