Terrible intranet transfer speeds with ASUS RTAC66U

I have an Asus X79 Deluxe mobo with a built-in wireless 802.1a/c adapter. I also just bought an Asus RTAC66U router to take advantage of it. I have a really hard time finding any further information on the built in adapter from google other than Asus' claim that it gets "up to 867Mbs" transfer speeds.

Indeed, my over-wireless file transfer speed has gone up to about 10.8MB/s. While this is great considering I came from a Linksys WRT54G router, it still doesn't feel like the crazy speed up I'd expect.

I did the calculations, and 867 Mb/s = 108.4 MB/s and my experienced 10.8MB/s transfer rate = 86.4Mb/s. What's the deal, here? Drivers? Signal attenuation (3/5 bars)? I'm on the router's latest firmware. I've even pondered picking up a new USB 3.0 ac adapter.
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    Where are you transferring to and how do you transfer the data. The only way you can get any valid data is if you were to transfer data from a wireless device to a wired devices in your house. You also have to remember unlike ethernet cables wireless both send and receive transfer in the same bandwidth. So a gige ethernet cable could be called a 2000m connection if you lie like the wireless guys do. There is always some amount of traffic coming back from the other end confirming the reception and this many times will interfere.

    You best test is going to be to use software like the old IPERF command. This tests only network performance since it is a very simple software that runs from memory and does no disk i/o.

    So your first test should be wired to wired to see what the absolute maximum you can pass though the router and the PC. Then you can do wireless to wired but put the wireless PC next to the router to ensure there is no wireless loss.
  2. I'm transferring a video from a Synology DS 213j attached by ethernet cable to the router. I'm just dragging the video from the NAS to my desktop.

    I'm going to try to transfer it to a laptop by wiring the laptop to the router. I guess I'll then bring the router/NAS system into my room to try to rule out wireless loss...but I don't think that's the case. My signal strength, as indicated by Windows, is only 2/5 bars now after moving the router upstairs and just down the hall from my desktop, with little affect on the transfer speed.

    Transferring from the NAS onto the SSD on my laptop via wired ethernet through the router only yielded about 41MB/s.
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