Surface Tablet (Intel core i5 processor: 4th vs 3rd Generation?)


I'm thinking about buying a surface tablet soon and I would like to know what are the major differences between the 4th generation (Surface pro 2) and the 3rd generation (Surface pro) intel core i5 processors.

Surface pro (64 GB): $699
Surface pro 2 (64 GB): $899

There are a few other differences between the two, but I'm interested in its performance. I'll be using the tablet for watching movies, Photoshop, school work, and light gaming.

Do you guys think its worth it paying more for the Surface pro 2 with 4th gen i5?

Thank you
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    The i5 in both the Pro and Pro 2 runs at 1.7 GHz. The main difference between 3rd and 4th gen is lower power usage resulting in a little better battery life. There is also a performance boost, but it is barely noticeable.

    Worth paying more? umm...i suppose that becomes a matter of opinion, but i personally wouldn't, however i also wouldn't pay $700 for the original Pro either lol...but this probably has alot to do with knowing why it costs so much in the first place, which i could explain for an hour, but no reason to go into that here. If you've already decided the Surface Pro is for you, then fine. If you aren't sure and wonder if you could get more tablet for your money, then here's an article that explains it fairly well: Just a note though, if you're sold on the Surface tablets, probably best not to read that :)
  2. The 4th gen Haswell Core i5 also has a more powerful graphics core; the Intel HD 4400 which is probably about 20% - 25% more powerful than the Intel HD 4000.
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