Do I need a CPU Cooler if i'm not overclocking?

So i was just wondering since im building my first gaming pc soon if i NEED to buy a seperate cpu cooler if i dont plan to overclock. I havent really decided on a build yet, but i will probably either go with an AMD fx-6300 with an Asus motherboard or an intel i5-3330 with an asrock motherboard. i dont really plan on overclocking (atleast not right away) since i dont know too much about computers and dont wanna screw up my system.

Anyway, ive seen a lot of builds that buy seperate coolers and i just wanna know if i can use the stock one for gaming as well.
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  1. The stock cooler will be fine if you aren't overclocking.
  2. the stock cooler will be fine, but even a $20 aftermarket cooler will do wonders if you dont OC
    i stock cooler is loud where you can buy a better, quieter cooler for around $20
    like the coolMaster evo!
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    The stock cooler is enough when you are not overclocking.
    when you overclocks then your cpu gets more hotter than its normal temperature,
    then to keep it cool , you need a different cooler rather than stock cooler but stock cooler is built for non-overclocked CPUs.
  4. I'd say yes..Computer stuff loves cold.The cooler you keep your hardware the better.
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