How to increase dedicated graphics memory?

I have zotac gtx550ti 1GB and 8GB ram and now 1GB is less for me while playing call of duty ghost or battlefield 4 so I want to increase 1GB to 1.5 or any so anyone help me? I didn't want to but new card
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  1. The 1gb of RAM on the 550ti is dedicated memory on the card right? If so then you can't increase video memory
  2. Sorry, can't be done. You'll need a new card. 550Ti is a little on the low side for that, too.
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    If you had a built in IGP ONBOARD graphics you could increase the amount of ram but since you have a discreet card you cant.. I would suggest a upgrade.
  4. thx then i will buy R9 270....
  5. Yes that's a good plan and a good card good luck and enjoy it.
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