What is the best way to hook up 5 monitors with my set up?

I am trying to get all of my monitors & TV's working.

I have dual SLI 4gb GTX 770's (Windforce)
Asus Z87 Pro Motherboard
i7 4770K CPU

I have 3x 23" monitors 1920x1080p that I want to use with Nvidia Surround, and 2 TV's above my desk mounted on the wall.
What cables should I buy (DVI,VGA, HDMI) & where should each of them go?
I was thinking about using my motherboard and the integrated GPU of the 4770K to run the TVs and then using my 770s for the Nvidia Surround on the 3 monitors. Will that work? What are the best cables to use?

Thank you in advance!
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