Should I upgrade anything or just spend money on a new machine?

This machine is about 4 years old I have been studying and lost track of hardware just need some advice.

My current computer specs are as follows

OS:- Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Motherboard:- Gigabyte H55-Ud3H
Processor:- i7 860@2.8GHz (socket LGA1156)
Ram:- 4gB (corsair)
Graphics :- ATI Radeon 5770
Power supply :- 750W "SilverStone" ST75EF Power Supply, Silent 135mmFan with 19dBA, 80Plus Bronze, 4x 6pin PCI-E, 1x 8pin PCI-E, Silent 135mmFan with 19dBA

Should I upgrade anything to get better performance to play say Battlefield 4?. Or would It be better to buy a new Motherboard, Ram, CPU and Hard Drive.

If so my budget is about $600-1000 in Australian dollars what would you recommend.

Will my Power supply be able to handle the new system it is still going strong.
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    well, your CPU is good enough for gaming. so no need to upgrade. though a little OC will yield better performance..

    your PSU is good enough. and it has 4*6 pin and 1*8 pin and it also has a high wattage so no problem if CF/SLI. so all you need to upgrade is the cards. so all you need to upgrade your gfx and ram.

    you can get a nice R9-290, it performs like GTX 780 but cheaper. and if equipped with a good cooler your seeing performance as good as a single GTX titan.( though rumors are no aftermarket cooling till january) .
    and another 4GB should be good( though 4GB is still good for now)
  2. Thankyou thasan1 for response. With SLI ( i guess this is running 2 cards together) will it be okay to run 2 different cards? I know when PCI-e was first around it was better to run 2 of the same cards..

    Also my cpu is running fairly hot as it seam about 70 degrees up to 80degrees and sometimes even high so this will probably be my issue with the pc just turning off. WIll this have damaged the CPU at all?,,

    I am going to buy some more paste and see if that cools it down.
  3. instead of buying new paste get a new cooler. a CM hyper 212 evo is a great one for 30 USD (idk about AUD but it should be cheap) you should be able to reach 4Ghz+ with that cooler with temps under 75-80C. and as for SLI no you can not run 2 diff cards. they need to be exact same model (i.e GTX 660 with GTX 660 or HD 7950 with 7950)
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