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Hi all,

Any recommendations on mounting brackets for a crucial m500 or samsung Evo for 3.5" drive bay? I see a lot of people having problems with mounting screws and have to drill the holes to make it fit. I've got an Antec 300.

Thanks :)
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  1. The evo desktop kit has been on sale on amazon. It comes with a bracket that , for some odd reason, has threaded holes for the clips to go in. I had to break the pins out of my clips and then drive the screws through it and really jam it into my case, but it fit.

    Since that has been about $5 more than just the drive I'd recommend the desktop kit as that comes with a sata cable, and bracket.

    Looking at pictures of your case it looks just like what the evo instructions showed in the diagram. It looks like your drives go back to front whereas mine (haf 912) go left to right side.
  2. how about leaving the 3.5" bay free for 3.5" drives, and picking up a "PCI SSD Bracket" from eBay for less than $10 and using that? it uses the PCI slots of the chassis, not necessarily any PCI slot of the motherboard, so you could mount the drive in any available chassis slot (like the very last / bottom one)
  3. Thanks for your replies,

    @giantbucket, I didn't even know these existed, and it seems they're are not common in the UK. Due to the component layout in the case I would rather put it with the hdds as there is loads of space and good airflow. Plus, my psu is under the motherboard so placing the ssd at the back may impede airflow.

    @wanderer11, Here in the UK opting for the desktop installation kit is no longer good value for money (as I can get the ssd for £120 OEM whereas with the kit it's around £150 - scan) and amazon don't sell it, I was looking more for a standalone bracket.

    Unless if I get any other reccomendations I think I am going to just buy a bog standard bracket from ebay and just botch it.
    Thanks again for your replies

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    SSDs are fairly low power and low heat, so they don't need much in the way of airflow.

    my case has the PSU at the very bottom of the case, and the mobo & slots above it, and as long as you're able to leave 1" or so of air space between the SSD and PSU, the PSU should be A-OK. would that install even block the PSU's air intake? on mine, the PSU's air intake is at the bottom, so placing something on top would have zero impact.

    but ya, once you land on eBay, you can find plain 2.5/3.5 brackets and PCI brackets - look at them both and go from there. the 2.5/3.5 can be had for less than 3 quid (from china, of course), and the PCI might run you a tenner.
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