GTX 770 VS 780 for 144hz

Hi Guys,

In the next couple of months I will be upgrading my 660ti to a video card more capable of maxing out games on my 144hz benq monitor. Do you think it would be worth the extra cash to go for the 780 vs the 770? I'm fine with not having the highest level of AA if that means I can save some money (4x or 8x is fine, I dont need 69x TXFXAAHBAO or whatever it is today).

Also my mobo isnt SLI compatible, so I wont be able to just add another 660ti :(

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  1. For 50$ more you are better with a R9 290x, just wait for aftermarket coolers

    P.D: Between 770 and 780, 780 no doubt.
  2. I really think a GTX 780 would be worth the extra money. 1440p is pretty damn tough on single cards.
  3. If you're playing games like BF4, you likely won't be maxing out or utilizing 144hz. If you play on high, then that would be the easiest way to utilize your 144hz. But I would go with the 780 for sure. 770 won't even come close to what you're looking to do while maxing out.
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    Don't waste your money on a 770 if you have a 660ti. You'd be upgrading from a kepler gk104 to another kepler gk104 and the performance increase isn't going to be worth buying a new card. _guillem was on the money almost but i'd recommend an r9 290 (not the X). Wait for the aftermarket coolers though if you decide to buy that card. The r9 290 is so close to the r9 290x I wouldn't spend more on a 290x. That being said, if you prefer nvidia i'd save up the extra horsepower the 780 gives you or wait for maxwell. I have a gtx 670 (very similar to your 660ti) and decided that even a price dropped 780 isn't worth the upgrade yet for me. There is still plenty more life in my card and the value add just doesn't justify me dropping money on a new card yet.

    I have a 120hz benq monitor so I totally understand the urge to get those higher frames, but I think unless you just have money burning a hole in your pocket you'll be happier waiting another generation of card.
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