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So, I am building a gaming rig and I have not yet purchased an os. One of the first games I'm buying is definitely the Elder Scrolls Anthology:


It says compatible up to Windows 7, so would buying Windows 8 be a bad choice? Or is there a way to actually play Windows 7 compatible games on Windows 8?
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  1. windows 7 is a better choice. if u want new updates and so on id recommand 8.1 tho. but i use 7.0 and will continue till the next windows prob.
  2. If you are buying the Elder Scrolls games on Steam then yes they all work on 8.
  3. pretty much all windows 7 software works fine on 8. the only things that may not be properly supported are some stuff that was programed for xp
  4. well overall i prefer 7. but for the future id recommand win 8.1 64bits cuz it will receive updates and such,
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