GTX 780 3GB vs R9 280x and brand recommendation please

I had chose in beginning the 280x because of mantel feature and because AMD is now in new consoles generation so I thought AMD cards can have better support and optimisation from games companies and also money wise,
BUT after reading more reviews from many owners of 280x complaining about some artefacts stuff so I start be worry !
I am planing to have i7 4770k and 8gb of ram.
I need your advices guys should I stick with the 280x for go with gtx 780 ? and witch brand?? it's not easy for me to chose because I was Mac user for long time, but I need this computer manly for games (BF4) and for some mild 3d stuff. Thanks in advance
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    The 780 is by far the better GPU, would suggest the Asus w/ the CU cooling, OCs well and runs cool
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