Upgrading CPU from pentium to i3 or i5?

I'm upgrading from my g2020 to a new processor for BF4 (pentium can't handle it) should i get the i3 or i5, haswell or ivy bridge, which specific model

any answers appreciated
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  1. I would recommend an i5-4670k (haswell) seeing as you're upgrading to a completely new platform, which means you'll be replacing the motherboard as well.
  2. that processor use LGA1155 which only support Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge, and you will need to check with the motherboard manufacturer website to see which cpu are supported.
  3. my budget can stretch to around £140 but I really don't want to spend that much more around £100 mark. Are there any benchmarks for BF4 showing the difference between th I3 and I5
  4. i5 4670k is a great choice and actually it might help if you tell us your whole system, because you also need a new version of motherboard if you are jumping to hashwell version.

    Amd fx 8350 will also a good option specially BF4 ulitilizes more cores, so 8350 with 8cores will also a good choice its cheaper than 4670k.
  5. My current system is as follows:
    Pentium G2020
    7770 Vapour-X
    8gb 1600mhz RAM
    asus P8H61-MX R2.0
    Corsair cx430
    NZXT Vulcan Matx case
  6. It probably between Core i5-3350P or i5 3570K on your budget.
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