Formatting problem windows xp

Is it possible to format a computer just from the boot menu.
The problem i've got an old LG (can't really tell what model it is but there's a X NO next to LG ) laptop that needs to be formatted in windows xp sp2.

Actually i'm gonna try repairing first then after saving the data formatt

The problem is i't has never been formatted before and it's bios is password protected.
I'm able to access the boot sequence menu and boot it from USB but after the whole loading process is done you know the yellow bar:P the computer needs to restart.And at that point unless i press F11 and go into boot sequence menu it'll boot from the HDD right?
But if i do go there i will be starting the whole process from the beggining...
Any suggestions?
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  1. No i dont think you wont.
  2. rounakr94 said:
    No i dont think you wont.

    you mean i won't be able to complete the repair?why?
  3. Sorry I misread it, yes you will be able to repair your PC. But reinstall at your own risk.
  4. rounakr94 said:
    Sorry I misread it, yes you will be able to repair your PC. But reinstall at your own risk.

    Mate you're killing me.Be more scientific dude like reasons why might help sometimes :D .

    So you say that a clean format would work.Cause i tried repairing but it got stuck at "installing windows approximate 35 minutes".
    I heard it might take a while but i did wait 35 minutes
  5. You might try reinstall but if the OS is OEM you have to reactivate again by calling Microsoft and convince them why you reinstalled windows which I dont think will help as Windows XP has come to End of LIFE and all support has been withdrawn.
  6. meh format worked..i tried to repair but it wouldn't complete....
  7. Good, did you activate it? Try activating by phone.
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